[GRASS-user] break lines in intersection (rather category problem)

Jarosław Jasiewicz jarekj at amu.edu.pl
Fri May 16 02:51:58 EDT 2008

Problems may seems simple but isn't

In a simple way (this is only one step there are lots of steps in the 
loop): I have two lines with same category in separate file. I patch 
them and make v.clean to braak them in the crossing point. Now I have 
four lines with same category. I need to load lenghts of every lines to 
database, (v.to.db) but:
- if I add table and load its length I have sumarrised length of 4 lines
- if I add new categories on another layer I have no way to join 
information about its previous category
So I need new category for every new line to have records in database to 
read its length. And I need the old category as atrribute (something 
like second layer in v.to.points result)

Any help???

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