[GRASS-user] r.contour "level" attribute

M S mseibel at gmail.com
Fri May 16 11:26:41 EDT 2008

Hi everyone.

I had generated some contours from a DEM with r.contour.  In the resulting
vector contour map, I get cat and level, where level is the elevation
value.  I must be confused with the level terminology, because I thought
levels pertained to topological (2) or non-topological data (1).  However,
in r.contour output, "level attribute" corresponds with the contour

Regardless, I'm able to query the lines in GRASS monitor to get the cat and
level (elevation) values for the contour lines, but in QGIS I'm unable to
query or identify the features.  In QGIS, I am able to label the lines on
the "level" item though.

I refrained from cross posting to QGIS list, because it seems like something
I'm not understanding in GRASS vector model.

Any ideas why the features are (repeatably) unidentifiable in QGIS, but are
viewed and labeled without issue?

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