[GRASS-user] Re: Cygwin vs GRASS6.2 Win Installer

Manuel Francisco Maestre Páez mfmap at tragsatec.es
Mon May 19 03:23:07 EDT 2008

Like i said in my first e-mail:
"I've been working with the linux version of GRASS since two years with no
problems but now i'm trying to make my GRASS based application in Windows
using the cygwin port."

That is, i have a GRASS based application running in linux and that
application uses (intensively) the x monitor(s).

If the windows (setup.exe) version could display rasters and graphs from a
batch program, like i do with shell scripts using d.* i would use it.

Thanks for your interest.

Manuel Francisco Maestre Páez

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Para: grassuser en grass.itc.it
De: RAVI KUMAR <ravivundavalli en yahoo.com>
Fecha: 19/05/2008 09:04
cc: mfmap en tragsatec.es
Asunto: Cygwin vs GRASS6.2 Win Installer

just wonder why not you download GRASS6.2 installer which will install like
any other Setup.exe.
Do you inparticular like Cygwin as all the x.mon (screens) work ?
Ex: d.path etc
Ravi Kumar

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