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RAVI KUMAR ravivundavalli at yahoo.com
Mon May 19 07:06:53 EDT 2008

d.path [-gb] map=name [type=string[,string,...]] [coor=x1,y1,x2,y2]
   [alayer=value] [nlayer=value] [afcol=string] [abcol=string]
   [ncol=string] [color=string] [hcolor=string] [bgcolor=string]
   [--verbose] [--quiet]

1. The above is the command using GRASS6.3 windows setup.
Through the Display Manager, it stright give as error, if one
uses 'shortest path for display'.

2. So the above command should work, But How can one give mouse input of Coordinates ?
Ravi Kumar

marco.pasetti at alice.it wrote:     Ravi,
 >In your last mail I had a notion that you indicated that the points can be
'Mouse Input', for V.Net.Path. 

 Hamish said to use d.path command with the coor option in it. That option is also present in the command GUI as "Starting and ending coordinates:"

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