[GRASS-user] Error using v.rast.stats script in cigwin and wingrass

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue May 20 23:24:23 EDT 2008

maning sambale:
> Using v.rast.stats in grass6.3 both in cygwin and native
> windows,
> v.rast.stats vector=myupland_lowland at allah_valley layer=1
> raster=allah_dem at allah_valley colprefix=dem percentile=90
> I get this error
> :/GRASS/scripts/v.rast.stats: r.cats: command not found
> I see no entry in the 6.3 manual on r.cats
> any ideas on using v.rast.stats?

Are you using the official 6.3.0 or an old SVN snapshot? I though this was fixed for 6.3.0.

r.cats was renamed r.category, and (with 6.3.0) there should be a r.cats script which calls r.category. Before the script there was a symlink (alias) for it, but that didn't work so well with MSys and so was replaced with the forwarding script.

since then v.rast.stats has been updated to use the new name.



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