[GRASS-user] value differences between landsat images

Jonathan Greenberg greenberg at ucdavis.edu
Wed May 21 02:29:15 EDT 2008

Use the overlap region to pick PIFs (pseudoinvariant features), run a 
regression between the band values of the PIFs between one image and the 
other, apply the regression coefficients, and voila!  If you just assume 
the entire overlap region is fine (no clouds or changed pixels), and 
they are orthorectified to one another, then you can extract the entire 
overlap region and run the regression on all those pixels.

The other way is to calculate the mean and stdev of the band values, and 
adjust them that way, but I always felt the regression approach is a 
little more straightforward.

There's a few automated algorithms out there to do this -- anyone want 
to write some code for it :) ?


Canty's got some IDL code to do radiometric normalization that can be 
downloaded -- IDL's an easy language to read, so the code should be easy 
to port to something GRASS could use: 


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>> Juan:
>> It just means your images aren't radiometrically normalized to one
>> another.  If you correctly normalize them you won't see a line in the
>> mosaic. 
> I'll bite. How do you radiometrically normalize adjacent Landsat images. I'd
> love to get rid of the lines.
> Michael
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