[GRASS-user] interpolate raster map

Rainer M Krug r.m.krug at gmail.com
Thu May 22 07:14:59 EDT 2008


I have two raster maps, one (mapA) based on a raster map of a much
lower resolution (see attached picture) and the other one is in the
MASK (pink). I would like to do two things:

1) "smooth" mapA, so that it is not as grainy as it is now. I know
that that will introduce error, but the error will be less important
then the edges based on the coarser resolution.

2) extrapolate to the areas not covered by mapA, but part of MASK.
again - I am aware that this will introduce considerable error, but
the same applies as in the previous case. So what I would like to do
here, is essentially fill the edges with the values of the adjacend
cells which have values.

Any ideas how I can achieve this?

I looked at resampling (for (1)), but it increases the edge without
data, which is not acceptable for me.

Thanks a lot,


Rainer M. Krug, PhD (Conservation Ecology, SUN), MSc (Conservation
Biology, UCT), Dipl. Phys. (Germany)

Plant Conservation Unit
Department of Botany
University of Cape Town
Rondebosch 7701
South Africa
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