[GRASS-user] Problem with creating layer 2 data

J. Brian Adams brian.adams at fandm.edu
Thu May 22 14:54:40 EDT 2008

I created a second layer to a vector map by adding a table from an  
SQLite database to a current vector map using v.db.connect.  The layer  
seems to have been created since a query using v.db.connect -c layer=2  
shows the fields in the second table.

Now the problems.  The first is that d.vect will only display  
boundaries for layer 2 (not areas as it will in layer 1), a query  
using d.what.vect displays the data from layer 1 not layer 2, and  
trying to display anything using the where clause leaves a blank screen.

A possible cause of this problem (although I do not know why) may be  
that I used the county FIPS integer for the key on the second layer.   
The first layer (the original vector map) also has the same FIPS  
integer column.  My thought was that by doing this I would be creating  
a many-to-one relationship between the geographical attributes in  
layer 1 and the data in layer 2.

Was this correct?  Any ideas where I may have gone wrong?

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