[GRASS-user] Exporting layer stacks

Pedro Camilo Alcantara camilo at pcbiol.posgrado.unam.mx
Sat May 24 22:14:17 EDT 2008

Hello list
I am using grass to automate the calculation of a series of vegetation
indices and I want to use a decision tree algorithm (c4.5). That algorithm
requires me to have a layer stack with those images in a bip format. For me
it seems that it is possible to make such layer stack using gdal, exporting
each raster map from grass and then stack them, but I was wondering if there
is a way to do so directly. Let say, trough r.out.gdal pointing to a group
of rasters made with i.group. Is it possible_

Pedro Camilo Alcántara Concepción
Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Rm. 120 Russell Labs
1630 Linden Dr.
Madison WI 53706-1598
Phone +1/608/265-9219
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