[GRASS-user] Trouble with v.db.join and sqlite

Luca Casagrande luca.casagrande at gmail.com
Mon May 26 03:22:31 EDT 2008

Hello everybody.

I am working with 6.4svn (built yesterday) and got some troubles with 
v.db.join and sqlite.
If I try to run the command, this is the error reported:

 v.db.join map=aste_geologia at aste_geologia column=link otable=reticolo 

DBMI-SQLite driver error:
Error in sqlite3_prepare():
duplicate column name: cat
ERROR: Error while executing: 'ALTER TABLE aste_geologia ADD COLUMN cat 
ERROR: Cannot continue (problem adding column).
ERROR: Cannot continue.

If I try to remove the column cat by hand ( as suggested in a post in the ml), 
it goes fine:

GRASS 6.4.svn (wrme):~ > db.dropcol -f aste_geo_bak colum=cat
Forcing ...
WARNING: Deleting <cat> column which may be needed to keep table connected
         to a vector map

Any idea?

Thank you very much


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