[GRASS-user] GRASS GIS and USGS NHD Plus dataset..

Rick Reeves reeves at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue May 27 16:45:14 EDT 2008


I am performing some navigation and distance calculations using the 
excellent NHD-Plus
Hydrography dataset created for the EPA:


Using the ArcMap GIS and Arc Hydro toolsets. Specifically, I am using 
the ESRI Network Analyst
package to calculate flow paths between lakes connected by stream 
networks (and represented as points
on the network). The computation methods take full advantage of the 
ArcMap network data model.

My question is: Has anyone in the community used the GRASS v.net. tools 
in conjunction with the
NHD-Plus data set? It would be good to be able to take advantages of all 
of the information
encoded in the NHD-Plus data using open-source tools; I suspect that 
some custom programming
might be necessary to do so (for example, to trace stream networks 
'upstream' or filter out lower-order
stream segments).  If anyone has worked in this area, I'd appreciate 
hearing about your experiences...

Rick Reeves

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