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Patton, Eric epatton at nrcan.gc.ca
Wed May 28 09:56:15 EDT 2008

>y need to make a poligon, but i make the boundary then the centroid and i
>dont know how to tell the program to make it a poligon.. can sombody help
>me? thanks a lot!!

You probably need to enable 'snapping' within the v.digit module to make the polygon 
vertices coincident. See the attached screenshot showing where to set this on the 
v.digit Settings. 

Once you have snapping enabled, you may still have to manually move vertices that were 
digitzed prior to enabling snapping. Use the 'Move point, line, boundary, or centroid' 
tool on the v.digit interface (see attached screenshot). Once you move a vertex on top 
of another with this tool, the two should snap an become coincident. I usually make 
the snapping parameter around a few tens of meters for projected (UTM-style) projections. 

~ Eric.

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