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Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
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GRASS is not ArcGIS. So it doesn't have the same restrictions that ArcGIS
does about points, lines, and polygons being in separate layers. Of course,
YOU can make a vector file (i.e., layer) that is only points or lines or
polygons, but you are not REQUIRED to do so. If you want to export vector
objects from GRASS to shapefiles or something else, you can select only one
feature type to export. GRASS also allows you to convert between vector
types and converts from raster to vector.

Why is this a problem? I always was annoyed about the requirement of ArcView
and ArcGIS to have only one feature type per shapefile.


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> i dont understand how to let the program know if im working with a point
> layer, a line layer or a poligon layer. the program allows me to have all
> kinds of elements in one file. how do i deal with this?
> thanks a lot for the help

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