[GRASS-user] How many modules has GRASS?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed May 28 23:09:18 EDT 2008

> Something like
>  ls -la $GISBASE/bin/*.* | grep -F r. | wc -l #for raster
>  ls -la $GISBASE/bin/*.* | grep -F v. | wc -l #for vector
>  ls -la $GISBASE/bin/*.* | grep -F g. | wc -l #for generic
> etc.
> All in a script and a nice report.
> Or there other methods (better than grep -F) doing this?

> ls -1 $GISBASE/bin/r.* | wc -l #for raster
> etc.
> No need for grep or anything other then file names

and even the -1 is optional, it automatically switches to that if stdout is piped.

also remember modules like xganim and nviz without a dot (if list method is not regex) and the few redundant wrapper scripts (r.cats, r.terraflow.short, ..) which are not seperate modules.

I don't really see the worth in a counting script, but if you really want that the place to put it would be in the tools/ dir along with build_html_index.sh and module_synopsis.sh.

another way, using tab completion:  :)
GRASS> r.<tab><tab>
Display all 154 possibilities? (y or n)



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