[GRASS-user] newbie: processing lidar with r.in.xyz

andrew haywood ahaywood3 at gmail.com
Wed May 28 23:16:04 EDT 2008

Dear List,

i am currently enjoying the flexibility of using r.in.xyz to process lidar
data over native forests in Victoria, Australia.Thank you hamish for such a
great tool.
At this stage I have 'binned' my data into 20m cells and calculated a number
of metrics (including 13 vegetation height percentiles p5 p10 p20 .. p90,
p95, p99) based on the z values.
What I was wondering is how can I calculate the mean intensity for the
associated height percentiles.

To get around this I have written a script in a proprietary stats package to
create the intensity metrics. However, I would prefer to use Grass and
opensource tools to do this binning

Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!!

My data is in the following format


I suspect I should start to learn python.


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