[GRASS-user] grass wiki problems on osgeo.org

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri May 30 06:50:36 EDT 2008

wrobell wrote:
> > 1. cannot upload .tar.gz files.
> >    ".gz" is not a permitted file type.
> > Permitted file types are gif, png, jpg, jpeg, , tar.gz.

what's in the tarball?

> Well, how high is the risk to get evil in through zip
> files?

I think it is generally proved for many years than a publicly readable ftp incoming dir is an invitation for abuse from teenage warez hoons etc.

for personal files it is easy to make a gmail account and then upload to a pages.google.com webpage or similar if there is something to share. more permanent contributed datasets and code can be put in the SVN addons repo if needed.

> If Martin agrees (he made the Wiki setup) the
> Extension:Cite would be nice to have...

another thing to investigate is how to link to images from another site. with the GDF wiki if you put a *.jpg url in the page you would see an image, with the new OSGeo wiki you just the the URL link to the image. 



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