[GRASS-user] grass wiki problems on osgeo.org

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri May 30 07:17:45 EDT 2008

> > >> 1. cannot upload .tar.gz files.
> i would like to attach small dataset with sqlite database
> to tutorial i am writing.  .tar.gz file is 120KB. i can
> find some place to host the file.

here is a nice home for that:

here is how to get access to the addons SVN:

> but others probably do not have such possibility. and on
> other side..
> it would be nice to have everything in one place :)

some nice things about hosting in the svn addons repo is that a) after some years private websites often go away and the code is lost; b) from the beginning all code there is GPL-compatible, so all can use it without worry; c) wide backups + automatically-parallel repo migration

> anyway, if you decide to not allow gz/zip files, then i
> would like to notice that upload wiki pages claim the opposite
> in case of .tar.gz :)

I don't follow. does the wiki now say it is ok? (link please, or as it is a wiki, feel free to go ahead and fix it yourself)
or do you mean we should add something to make that clearer? (same)

> > Maybe to allow uploading pdf would make sense(?).
> imho, pdf/ps/eps/svg would be usesful, i.e. to provide nicely
> scalable and printable maps in tutorials.. or at least pdf/svg
> as ps/eps can be converted without major hassle into pdf.

and LaTeX sources... I guess the root question is where to draw the line between the user's MediaWiki help pages+images, the devel TracWiki text pages, the addons SVN, and a future Drupal main website.

you probably don't want the wiki to be your main website, and you don't want your main website to be a file repository, and etc etc etc. shrug.

anyway that's just rambling. are you happy with the idea of hosting the files in the addons tutorial/ dir, with a "homepage" for the tutorial in the MediaWiki which links to that?



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