[GRASS-user] Re: grass-user Digest, Vol 25, Issue 67

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri May 30 22:44:00 EDT 2008

Richard Chirgwin wrote:
> oops. I meant "dependency management", not a Grass critique, a more 
> general issue for Linux users ...

I take it you've never tried Debian then ;)

really the packaging is only as good as the spec/control file info, the same applies to the cygwin packages etc. Debian is so "good" at this not because the technology is behind the package management there is so good*, it is because the packaging rules are rather explicit, strict, and enforced.

[*] it may be, but that's besides the point

I do not know if the SuSE packages are build using the spec from the GRASS source code, but you could check the rpm/ source code dir and submit any fixes you have.




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