[GRASS-user] r.info doesn't print out all category values

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 24 00:34:25 EST 2009

William Hudspeth wrote:
> I have used to r.average to calculate mean pixel values by
> county. This involved converting the county vector layer to a raster,
> then using the county raster layer as the base in r.average. So far so,
> good. The r.average routine does what I want, but the resultant output
> raster map shows the following output with r.info:

[r.info? are you sure? what's the exact command line params you used for
each command?]
> ...
> 207740:207740:0.4507908000
> 207741:207741:0.5633163333
> 207742:207742:0.5043974000
> 207743:207743:0.4321171111
> ...
> There are 52 categories, but the r.info output only shows about 45 of
> them, leaving the rest unreported. If I redirect to file, the same
> thing. If I look at the cats file under the cats subdirectory, it
> also fails to show all of the categories. How do I show everything
> that is generated by r.average???

can you reproduce the problem using the Spearfish or North Carolina
sample datasets? then we can try to reproduce the effect.



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