[GRASS-user] reprojecting ASTER_GDEM r.proj "Error writing segment file"

Nikos Alexandris nikos.alexandris at felis.uni-freiburg.de
Fri Jul 3 20:11:56 EDT 2009

> > (grass-6.4.0svn on Ubuntu JJ 64-bit)
> > I am trying to "r.proj" the "greek" aster_gdem from the wgs84
> > (epsg:4326) to hgrs87 (epsg:2100) grass-location. I get the error below.
> ...
> > Allocating memory and reading input map...
> > ERROR: Error writing segment file

> ...maybe it's just too big. I know, I know... split task in smaller
> working packages, right? Seems not. Reprojecting the tiles one-by-one
> still gives _some_ errors like:

> --%<---
> Allocating memory and reading input map...
> 100%
> Projecting...
> WARNING: map [ASTGTM_N41E025_dem] - unable to write row 0
> ERROR: Failed writing raster map <ASTGTM_N41E025_dem> row 0
> --%<---

> If I raise the resolution of the target location to 90m, then there is
> no problem. I assume that this is an error related with disk-space,
> memory, etc., right? I have lot of free disk-space and 4GB RAM. Any
> other suspect elements here?

Strange (for me): after restarting grass and closing all other apps it
worked like a charm. Does a mail-client, a file browser and some
terminals eat-up that much of memory that cause r.proj to give errors?


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