[GRASS-user] Re: link to datasets from other locations?

Tim Michelsen timmichelsen at gmx-topmail.de
Sat Jul 4 17:14:06 EDT 2009

>> What about a command that lets users safely move a vector
>> from one locagion into the other?
> as above. this is on purpose to protect distinct map projections.
please see my use case where a locations serves global datasets for
other smaller locations.
Or the one with a test / "development" location.

>> But how to /display/ data from another location?
> cp, mv, ln in the mapset if you really want and don't need to reproject.
> 'display' is no different to any other GIS function- you can either read
> map data or you can't.
moving/copying my file manager not a straightforward thing.
copying a vector for instance requires not to forget about the dbf
tables in their directory.

> make it a common Mapset not a common Location. or within your
> common location make a mapset called 'common' then symlink that around
> to other Locations of Exactly the same projection settings.
> (no warranty)
As everyone says: "at your own risk" and "no warranty" I would
appreciate to read the proper ways by a GRASS lead developer for the case:
1) location with common data to be reused in other locations.
2) location for testing new approaches before using the working locations

> 2c POV:
> *every* single GIS I have seen which does on-the-fly reprojection has had
on-the-fly is not the topic here. I already asked this in a thread some
time ago and was educated about the GRASS way:

For displaying data from different locations I would like to try the
GRASS plugin of QGIS.
It's currently not working on my linux box.

Thanks for following-up,

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