[GRASS-user] Re: [GRASS GIS] #668: export and share region settings

Tim Michelsen timmichelsen at gmx-topmail.de
Sun Jul 5 06:19:14 EDT 2009

> I think you mix up the purpose of location and mapsets- what
> you ask for is exactly what mapsets are & do.
It seemed to. And yes, this may come from experiences with other GIS 
programs, too.
Note that not only ArcGIS works this way but also QGIS or gvSIG, for 
Throw together data from different source quickly...

> "project location" (as the GUI alone calls it) gives the idea
> that each Project you work on should have its own location.
> Often it is more useful to have a single location with different
> mapsets for each job/client. Different "projects", same
> "projection".
Well, a good explanation.
I see one problem:
say that I use a mapset for each project commercial users may get in 
conflict with confidentiality guidlines of the clients:
If I deliver the whole location to the client, he may also see the work 
for other clients.

I can really see situations where the 1-location per projection may not 
work. Not due to software reasons but organisational matters/restrictions.

Anyway, thanks for the discussion.

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