[GRASS-user] Mac OS X compilation and addons question (how to add on addons)

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Wed Jul 8 12:18:15 EDT 2009

On Jul 8, 2009, at 10:53 AM, stephen sefick wrote:

> here is an update and it is not compiling- I think
> make GRASS_HOME='/Users/sefick/Grass-addons-installed'
> GRASS_APP='/Applications/GRASS-6.4.app'
> mkdir -p /Users/sefick/Grass-addons-installed/dist.i386-apple- 
> darwin9.7.0/man/man1
> GRASS_PERL=/usr/bin/perl VERSION_NUMBER=6.4.0RC5 sh
> /Users/sefick/Grass-addons-installed/tools/g.html2man/g.html2man
> /Users/sefick/Grass-addons-installed/dist.i386-apple-darwin9.7.0/ 
> docs/html/v.strahler.html
> /Users/sefick/Grass-addons-installed/dist.i386-apple-darwin9.7.0/man/ 
> man1/v.strahler.1
> 1
> sh: /Users/sefick/Grass-addons-installed/tools/g.html2man/g.html2man:
> No such file or directory
> make[2]: *** [/Users/sefick/Grass-addons-installed/dist.i386-apple- 
> darwin9.7.0/man/man1/v.strahler.1]
> Error 127
> make[1]: *** [mancmd] Error 2
> make: *** [cmd] Error 2

It looks like everything compiled OK, it's just having problems with  
making the man page, which isn't critical.  The compiled module should  
be in the dist folder.

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