[GRASS-user] patching dems together

Nikos Alexandris nikos.alexandris at felis.uni-freiburg.de
Thu Jul 9 12:23:59 EDT 2009

On Thu, 2009-07-09 at 11:17 -0500, stephen sefick wrote:
> r.patch this gives me single color when the original dems where
> reliefs (there is topography).  What am I doing wrong?  I have set the
> n-s e-w resolution to 00:00:03 because I downloaded 1/3 arc second dem
> from the seamless server (.adf).  I am confused as to what to do next.
>  Is r.patch the wrong thing to be doing?
> thanks in advance

some ideas:

* check range of values with "r.info YourDEMtile(s) -tr" before patching

* set g.region rast=`g.mlist rast=PatternThatMatchesDEMtiles sep=,`

* r.patch input=... out=patchedDEM

* check range again "r.info -tr patchedDEM"

* r.colors patchedDEM color=terrain

* d.rast

Somewhere in between you should find the "problem" if there is any.
Kind regards, Nikos

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