[GRASS-user] running grass64-svn scripts in sh (OSX)

Jeff Hamann jeff.hamann at forestinformatics.com
Thu Jul 9 21:13:44 EDT 2009

It's been a few years since I've used GRASS, so please forgive my  

I've created a simple shell script (grasstest.sh) that I need to run  
automatically, where the contents are:

echo "attempting to generate classified image for " $1
echo "display the classified the image"
## now run some grass commands

d.mon start=x0
d.mon sel=x0
g.region rast=LT5040027000626710_B1
d.rast LT5040027000626710_B1
d.mon stop=x0

Then following the instructions for running a grass64 script as a  
batch job (http://grass.osgeo.org/wiki/GRASS_and_Shell):

$ export GRASS_BATCH_JOB=/Users/hamannj/Documents/rufus/trunk/bin/ 

then running grass64 from the command line:

$ grass64 -text /Users/hamannj/Documents/rufus/trunk/incoming/drevil/ 

results in the following output:

rufus:bin hamannj$ grass64 -text /Users/hamannj/Documents/rufus/trunk/ 
Cleaning up temporary files ...
Starting GRASS ...
Executing '/Users/hamannj/Documents/rufus/trunk/bin/grasstest.sh' ...
Welcome to GRASS 6.4.0svn (2009)
: command not foundments/rufus/trunk/bin/grasstest.sh: line 14:
: command not foundments/rufus/trunk/bin/grasstest.sh: line 23:
: command not foundments/rufus/trunk/bin/grasstest.sh: line 26:
: command not foundments/rufus/trunk/bin/grasstest.sh: line 30:
attempting to generate classified image for
display the classified the image
: command not foundments/rufus/trunk/bin/grasstest.sh: line 33:
: command not foundments/rufus/trunk/bin/grasstest.sh: line 34:  
'RROR: no such monitor 'x0
 >RROR: No such monitor as <x0
. Will try once more
 >RROR: No such monitor as <x0
 >RROR: No such monitor as <x0
 > is not a valid option

  Manages the boundary definitions for the geographic region.


  g.region [-dsplecmn3bgau] [region=name] [rast=name[,name,...]]
    [rast3d=name] [vect=name[,name,...]] [3dview=name] [n=value]  
    [e=value] [w=value] [t=value] [b=value] [rows=value] [cols=value]
    [res=value] [res3=value] [nsres=value] [ewres=value] [tbres=value]
    [zoom=name] [align=name] [save=name] [--overwrite] [--verbose]

   -d   Set from default region
   -s   Save as default region
   -p   Print the current region
   -l   Print the current region in lat/long using the current  
   -e   Print the current region extent
   -c   Print the current region map center coordinates
   -m   Print region resolution in meters (geodesic)
   -n   Print the convergence angle (degrees CCW)
         The difference between the projection's grid north and true  
north, measured at the center coordinates of the current region.
   -3   Print also 3D settings
   -b   Print the maximum bounding box in lat/long on WGS84
   -g   Print in shell script style
   -a   Align region to resolution (default = align to bounds, works  
only for 2D resolution)
   -u   Do not update the current region
  --o   Allow output files to overwrite existing files
  --v   Verbose module output
  --q   Quiet module output

   region   Set current region from named region
     rast   Set region to match this raster map
   rast3d   Set region to match this 3D raster map (both 2D and 3D  
     vect   Set region to match this vector map
   3dview   Set region to match this 3dview file
        n   Value for the northern edge
        s   Value for the southern edge
        e   Value for the eastern edge
        w   Value for the western edge
        t   Value for the top edge
        b   Value for the bottom edge
     rows   Number of rows in the new region
     cols   Number of columns in the new region
      res   Grid resolution 2D (both north-south and east-west)
     res3   3D grid resolution (north-south, east-west and top-bottom)
    nsres   North-south grid resolution 2D
    ewres   East-west grid resolution 2D
    tbres   Top-bottom grid resolution 3D
     zoom   Shrink region until it meets non-NULL data from this  
raster map
    align   Adjust region cells to cleanly align with this raster map
     save   Save current region settings in named region file
 > not allowed.me. Character <
 > not founder map <LT5040027000626710_B1
 >ARNING: No such monitor as <x0
: command not foundments/rufus/trunk/bin/grasstest.sh: line 40: exit
: command not foundments/rufus/trunk/bin/grasstest.sh: line 41:
: command not foundments/rufus/trunk/bin/grasstest.sh: line 43:
Closing monitors ...
Cleaning up temporary files ...
Batch job '/Users/hamannj/Documents/rufus/trunk/bin/ 
grasstest.sh' (defined in GRASS_BATCH_JOB variable) was executed.
Goodbye from GRASS GIS
rufus:bin hamannj$

so I'm not sure why it's not working, but GRASS seems to fire up, run  
the batch script, and not accept any commands... and for lines that  
contain comments or blank lines, grass throws an error (command not  

Eventually, I need to run these from cron, so passing in arguments to  
the shell script is required, but for now, I'm hoping to simply run  
the script, show some displays, execute some commands, and end the  

Thanks for a great app and for any assistance.

Jeff Hamann, PhD
PO Box 1421
Corvallis, Oregon 97339-1421

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