[GRASS-user] dissolve

achim ak7 at jupiter.uni-freiburg.de
Thu Jul 16 10:05:23 EDT 2009

Ok. I did it with:
v.extract: extracting the areas I dont want to merge
v.overlay: union the extracted with the dissolved rest

so I keep the information of the not-to-be-merged areas. Only thing is,
that I have to generate some new information for the dissolved areas. In
this case its not that necessary.

But: I am still looking for a straight way to merge some (eg. 2)
connected areas and keep the information of one of them!


achim schrieb:
> ...and keep table data
> Hi,
> I am going to merge some vector areas sharing a common value. I want to
> keep the information in my table, but I can't find a way to "stamp out"
> the desired areas and "replace" them with desired information.
> Is there something like union touching areas and keep information (table
> entries, cat) of one of them I have not seen?
> Thanks in advance,
> achim
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