[GRASS-user] Building topologically correct stream network

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Mon Jul 20 20:28:04 EDT 2009

I'm not sure why there would be disconnected segments in the  
accumulation output.


On Jul 20, 2009, at 3:35 PM, stephen sefick <ssefick at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have a low relief area in the costal plain of georgia that I am
> trying to produce a topologically correct stream network.  There are
> many breaks in the flow accumulation grid and I would like to
> delineate the streams and "correct" the topology after r.thin and
> r.to.vect have been preformed so that I can then use v.strahler to
> order the streams.  Thanks for any help and I will provide and data
> that would be helpful.
> thanks,
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