[GRASS-user] d. commands under windows.

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 23 17:39:41 EDT 2009

Milton Cezar Ribeiro wrote:
> I have tryed to use some d. series on my windows
> grass versions (stand alone, or compiled under msys)
> and I perceived that I can't do that (I am not talking
> about -wx, but -text and -gui).
> It is possible run d. series of commands under windows?

Not directly in the way that you mean, because there are no
Xmons available in MS-Windows (see 'd.mon -L'). Xmons require
XDRIVER which requires X-Windows which means UNIX. (Actually
no graphics drivers at all are available on MS-Windows right now
due to the need for UNIX sockets, see release notes and winGrass
wiki pages.)

You could use a Cygwin build to get this functionality on
MS-Windows, but to date there is no pre-built version of that
for GRASS 6.4.0-RCs. Hopefully when we release 6.4.0-final
someone will donate that, or you could try building that

Also Martin started on some experimental p.mon prototypes to
allow d.*-like commands from the wxGUI Cmd> prompt. AFAIK they
are not currently in a usable state.



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