[GRASS-user] Tcl/Tk gui and nviz errors

Craig Leat craig.leat at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 04:24:28 EDT 2009

This seems to be a bug with newer ubuntu versions because they no
longer ship with /etc/X11/rgb.txt. See the following bug report for

I copied /usr/share/pixmap/rgb.txt to /etc/X11/ and restarted X. Now
Tcl/Tk gui works, but there are still problems with nviz:

> nviz -q
Error in startup script: Togl: couldn't get visual
    while executing
"togl $Nv_(TOP).canvas -rgba true -double true -depth true"
    (procedure "Nv_makeGUI" line 56)
    invoked from within
"Nv_makeGUI $Nv_(AREA)"
    (file "/usr/local/src/grass6_devel/dist.i686-pc-linux-gnu/etc/nviz2.2/scripts/nviz2.2_script"
line 1052)

Thanks for the tips, I'm making progress. Any more ideas about the
remaining nviz error?


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