[GRASS-user] Deleting vertices based on a list of points

Dwight Needels needels at translucida.com
Tue Jun 2 14:50:32 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I have two vectors: Vector A has lines and Vector B has points that  
share the same coordinates as a subset of the vertices in the lines. I  
would like to delete all of the vertices/nodes in Vector A that lie  
directly underneath the points in Vector B (or perhaps lie within a  

I suspect that v.edit tool=vertexdel can do this, but I cannot figure  
out how to pass the coordinates of a set of points from Vector B to  
v.edit to be used to select vertices in Vector A for deletion. Could  
somebody give me a hand with this (or tell me it is not possible)?

Thanks, -Dwight

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