[GRASS-user] Icelandic / international characters in databases and ps.map

John A Stevenson john.stevenson at manchester.ac.uk
Wed Jun 3 04:44:11 EDT 2009


After initially being put off by seeing complicated scripts, I've 
started to use psmap.  I wanted to use the postscript fill patterns to 
create a geological map that would reproduce in black and white.  It's 
really good - the commands are pretty easy and the results look clear 
and excellent.

Anyway.  I have digitised some of the main peaks in the region, whose 
names contain Icelandic characters.  Their names contain Icelandic 
characters.  Using v.db.select, they appear to have stored correctly.  
When I use labels created from the vector, the characters appear as gaps 
with d.labels and as nonsense symbols using ps.map.

I read on the psmap g.manual page about character encoding, but don't 
know how it applies to the labels/database.

Can anyone help?




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