[GRASS-user] hdf4 missing in gdal 1.6.1-2

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 9 08:49:30 EDT 2009

Stefan wrote:
> I have Ubuntu 9.04 installed and I use the repository for
> GRASS64 rc4 on http://les-ejk.c.
> As far as I know, I have never been using a repos on
> DebianGIS neither on UbuntuGIS.

Ubuntu packages are often directly rebuilt from the Debian/unstable
packages. I don't really know, but suppose Jachym may do the same, but
in this case pulling from Debian/experimental to get the latest GDAL
version.  i.e. they are all derived from the same parent and everybody
shares and builds on each other's work.

> I just killed gdal 1.6.1-2 and reinstalled gdal-bin 1.5.2-3, and now
> everything works, my ASTER-HDF images are readable again. But I am still
> wondering why they do not include the hdf4-library in the latest
> gdal-version?

I believe you can read why that is and see the game-plan for the future
in the DebianGIS mailing list archives. If you think the plan could be
better feel free to suggest improvements there, but be prepared to
hear that the packaging game is a multi-dimensional compromise, especially
when your package is depended on by a host of other packages and filters
through into a number of other distributions.

If it is a real problem you can always rebuild packages locally, it is
fairly easy to do. (study "debuild")



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