[GRASS-user] v.to.rast question

Anke Konrad akonrad at nmsu.edu
Wed Jun 10 14:12:42 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me about how exactly the 
v.to.rast function works. I would like to turn a vector layer of 
polygons into a raster layer. Basically, my layer shows where a species 
occurs (the value for the areas where they occur is 1). When I transform 
this vector into a raster file, how does v.to.rast decide what raster 
cell becomes 1 versus which becomes a 0? Does it depend on what 
percentage of the raster cell is covered by the polygon, or does the 
cell get a 1 assigned to it as soon as the polygon transects it at all?

Thank you for any help given!

~ Anke

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