[GRASS-user] SPOT 5 hrv atmospheric and geometric correction - how to?

dave adams daveadamsau at yahoo.com.au
Sat Jun 13 00:31:16 EDT 2009

Hi all, my first post, 
How do I apply atmospheric and terrain correction to SPOT 5 HRV?

I am using SPOT 5 HRV I have a dem and details of sun zenith and azimuth,
I have tried using i.topo.corr but I see the code is setup for landsat bands,
I get data not DCELL, I believe this to be floating point.

I have a floating point dem in the same coordinate system and resolution.

The values for gain and bias in the header are for
gain number for each band eg 5 5 5 3
absolute calibration gains 1.189124 1.612545 1.713030 6.289000
I assume to use these I need to re-write scripts? Advice?
The terrain differences are great across image 0- 2000m,
Approx 10S of equator, so I have a few clouds too.
Anyone provide assistance?

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