[GRASS-user] restoring region

Seb spluque at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 00:35:55 EDT 2009


I recently moved to a new system, and restored all my home directory
from a backup device on an external USB drive, which kept everything
with the same permissions as the source directory.  In the new system
with the restored home directory, grass has problems setting the
region to default, even though the WIND file in the PERMANENT mapset
doesn't show any problems:

---<--------------------cut here---------------start------------------->---
$ g.region -p
projection: 99 (Albers Equal Area)
zone:       0
datum:      wgs84
ellipsoid:  wgs84
north:      650
south:      -650
west:       -600
east:       600
nsres:      1
ewres:      1
rows:       1300
cols:       1200
cells:      1560000
$ g.region -d
ERROR: region for current mapset is invalid
       <projection field missing>
       run "g.region"
proj:       99
zone:       0
north:      650
south:      -650
east:       600
west:       -600
cols:       1200
rows:       1300
e-w resol:  1
n-s resol:  1
top:        1
bottom:     0
cols3:      1200
rows3:      1300
depths:     1
e-w resol3: 1
n-s resol3: 1
t-b resol:  1
---<--------------------cut here---------------end--------------------->---

I thought I could create a new location with the same projection and
later import all the data into that location, in case the metadata got
corrupted, but:

$ g.proj -c location=test_tmp
ERROR: region for current mapset is not set
       run "g.region"

I also tried removing the WIND file from the non-PERMANENT mapset, and
then copying the one from PERMANENT, but as soon as I do g.region -d the
error comes up again.  Has anyone encountered this problem?  Thanks in
advance for any pointers.


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