[GRASS-user] r.out.gdal problem of grass6.3 in windows xp

maven apache apachemaven0 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 10:45:08 EDT 2009

When I use the commond r.out.gdal to export a raster map to tiff, I often
got a black blank image, however when I use the commond r.out.tiff I can get
a viewable tiff image.
I want to know it is caused by my commond of something else?

some commond run normally can not run in a programe.
g.proj -c {georef=F:\anzhuang\Tomcat 5.5\1245076611265.tif}
location=1245076611265location datumtrans=0
I copy this command to the grass gui ,and it create a new location as I
wanted. but in my programe from the log I get the following errors:

Sorry, <{georef> is not a valid parameter
Sorry <5.5\1245076611265.tif}> is not a valid option

At first I think it is the space in the path,but in the gui grass I found
the space is no effect.
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