[GRASS-user] r.out.gdal problem of grass6.3 in windows xp

Micha Silver micha at arava.co.il
Tue Jun 16 09:47:44 EDT 2009

maven apache wrote:
> Hi:
> When I use the commond r.out.gdal to export a raster map to tiff, I 
> often got a black blank image, however when I use the commond 
> r.out.tiff I can get a viewable tiff image.
> I want to know it is caused by my commond of something else?
Hi Maven Apache:
I had the 6.3 version of GRASS on Win XP installed previously, and I 
also couldn't get a proper tiff file exported using r.out.gdal.
Today I upgraded, using the OSGEO4W installer to the 6.4 version of 
GRASS (gdal 1.5.4) and retried with your kk.tif which you sent 
yesterday. And both r.out.tiff as well as r.out.gdal worked as expected 
- i.e like on linux ;-).
Would you like to try that upgrade and report back if it solves the 
export problem?


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