[GRASS-user] tables connection in database

achim ak7 at jupiter.uni-freiburg.de
Fri Jun 26 09:24:41 EDT 2009

Hi Moritz,

thanks for reply and this detailed explanation.

I try to report my problem with an example:
reset to initial point

v.db.connect -d map=my_lines at achim
db.droptable -f table=testtable

  |   Type of Map:  vector (level: 2) 


  |   Number of points:       0               Number of areas:      0 

  |   Number of lines:        2326            Number of islands:    0 

  |   Number of boundaries:   0               Number of faces:      0 

  |   Number of centroids:    0               Number of kernels:    0 

  |   Map is 3D:              No 

  |   Number of dblinks:      0

Number of nodes: 2410

(with grass65 wx-gui)
v.db.addtable map=my_lines at achim table=testtable
Using user specified table name: testtable
Creating new DB connection based on default mapset settings...
Creating table with columns (cat integer)
The table <testtable> is now part of vector map <my_lines at achim> and may 
be deleted or overwritten by GRASS modules
Select privileges were granted on the table
Reading features...
Updating database...
0 categories read from vector map (layer 1)
0 records updated/inserted (layer 1)
Current attribute table links:
layer <1> table <testtable> in database </home/achim/grass/sqlite_db> 
through driver <sqlite> with key <cat>
Vector map <my_lines at achim> is connected by:

?here no records updated/inserted

(with grass65 wx-gui)
v.to.db map=my_lines at achim type=line option=cat
Reading features...
Updating database...
0 categories read from vector map (layer 1)
0 records updated/inserted (layer 1)

?here no records updated/inserted again
(The "Table Manager" shows no entries as well)

...Seems like there is something wrong up to here.


PS: Later I try do define a useful order. But first I have to understand..

Moritz Lennert wrote:
> On 26/06/09 12:10, achim wrote:
>> Yes, thanks,
>> but how to force that every single geometry object (of one kind) gets 
>> an entry?
> It might help if you could tell us exactly what you are trying to do. If 
> I understand your question correctly, you need to make sure that all 
> geometry objects for which you wish to have an entry have a category value:
> v.category in=MapWithoutCats option=add out=MapWithCats
> Then you have to create a table to hold the attribute values:
> echo "create table MapWithCats (cat integer)" | db.execute
> which you then connect to your map:
> v.db.connect -o MapWithCats table=MapWithCats key=cat
> and fill with cat values
> v.to.db MapWithCats option=cat column=cat
> The three last steps are all done for you by the script module 
> v.db.addtable. The first one is left for you since only you can decided 
> which objects in your map should be included.
> Or you can use the new wxpython GUI to quite easily create a new table 
> and connect the map to that table (both in the Manage layers tab).
>> (just to mention: And why aren't those commands reachable in an useful 
>> order?
> Define a useful order.
>> One always has to check whether the table are built, go and add a 
>> table, on another place set connection,
> In the wxpython GUI these two steps are two clicks in one tab of the 
> table manager.
>> on another place load up cats...alway confusing and lots of clicking 
>> in the gui)
> As already mentioned, v.db.addtable (in the GUI: Databases->Manage 
> databases->New table) does all of this for you in one single run.
> Maybe you should explain your entire workflow a bit more, and where 
> exactly you encounter difficulties, but I've always found the default 
> settings to work in 95% of cases...
> Moritz

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