[GRASS-user] r.roughness again

Manuel Seeger manuel.seeger at wur.nl
Mon Jun 29 06:06:00 EDT 2009

Hello all,

we shifted now to my computer, running under jaunty, grass 6.4.

Trying r.roughness we have still some problems:

GRASS 6.4.0svn (Roughness_m):~/grass-addons > ./r.roughness 
map=DGM.rough.m grid=3
[: 221: 1: unexpected operator
Scanning input for column types...
Maximum input row length: 0
Maximum number of columns: 0
Minimum number of columns: -1
ERROR: x column number > minimum last column number
       (incorrect field separator?)
ERROR: Vector map <TMP_vect> not found
ERROR: Raster map <DGM.rough.m.roughness.3> not found
ERROR: Raster map <DGM.rough.m.roughness.3> not found in current mapset
ERROR: Raster map <DGM.rough.m.roughness.3> not found in current mapset
Removing vector <TMP_vect>
WARNING: Vector map <TMP_vect> not found
WARNING: <TMP_vect> nothing removed

Surface roughness map created and named [DGM.rough.m.roughness.3]. 
Consider renaming.

Logically, after so many errors, there's no map crated.

Whats the problem? Can anybody help?



Dr. Manuel Seeger
Dept. of Land Degradation and Development
Wageningen University & Researchcenter
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