[GRASS-user] grass 6.4 rc5 and python scripting

Ricardo Filipe Soares Garcia da ricardo.garcia.silva at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 06:58:40 EDT 2009

Hello list

I compiled grass-6.4.0RC5 (downloaded a tarball from the main site).
I'd like to learn about scripting grass with python.

Following the first sample script at the GRASS Python scripting
library (http://download.osgeo.org/grass/grass6_progman/pythonlib.html)
I created a test file called teste.py, and placed it on the Desktop.
When I try to run it inside a GRASS session I am geting the following

GRASS 6.4.0RC5 (aeigT3):~/Desktop > ./teste.py
sh: teste.py: not found
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/grass-6.4.0RC5/etc/wxpython/gui_modules/menuform.py",
line 1931, in <module>
    GrassGUIApp( grassTask( sys.argv[1] ) ).MainLoop()
  File "/usr/local/grass-6.4.0RC5/etc/wxpython/gui_modules/menuform.py",
line 335, in __init__
    xml.sax.parseString( getInterfaceDescription( grassModule ) ,
processTask( self ) )
  File "/usr/local/grass-6.4.0RC5/etc/wxpython/gui_modules/menuform.py",
line 1748, in getInterfaceDescription
    raise IOError, _("Unable to fetch interface description for
command '%s'.") % cmd
IOError: Unable to fetch interface description for command 'teste.py'.

The file contents are just a copy+paste from the online example. Can
someone point me to the cause of the error?

Thanks in advance

___________________________ ___ __
Ricardo Garcia Silva

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