[GRASS-user] grass 6.4 rc5 and python scripting

Michael Barton Michael.Barton at asu.edu
Tue Jun 30 12:54:48 EDT 2009

It really does work. It's pretty nice. I don't know how .grassrc6  
handles separators--GRASS specific or OS specific.

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On Jun 30, 2009, at 9:31 AM, Hamish wrote:

> Michael Barton wrote:
>> 3. Set the GRASS_ADDON_PATH variable in the .grassrc6 file
>> (or its equivalent in GRASS 7). For example, I could add...
>> GRASS_ADDON_PATH: /Users/Michael/Desktop;/Users/Michael/Documents
>> ...and any script on my desktop or in my documents folder
>> would be accessible to g.parser and GRASS. (Note: I'm not
>> sure if ";" or something else should be the separator
>> between paths). This is very convenient for having a
>> permanent folder outside the main GRASS distribution
>> location where you can put any custom scripts.
> does that really work??
> it should be an environment variable, not a g.gisenv GRASS variable.
> the path separator on UNIXes is ':', the path sep on MS Win is ';'.
> but those shouldn't be needed here (unless you want to define
> multiple addon dirs).
> Hamish

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