[GRASS-user] Long post - Remote Sensing - Classifications

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 1 02:28:29 EST 2009

> > > > For the Tcl/Tk GIS.m GUI now fixed in svn, rev 36103.
> > > > 
> > > > cd gui/tcltk/
> > > > svn up
> > > > make
> I know Himish that you are not here to baby-sit me but these lines make
> no sense for me :-(
> "cut&paste from the command line from the svn checkout source code dir"

assuming you were working from development code downloaded directly from
our source code management server. If using a debian package that magic
won't work. ("svn up" updates the source code, which is stored by the
Subversion software)

the idea at this end is to leave the minimum number of breadcrumbs needed
to follow the path, to save me keystrokes. ok, more needed...

> I downloaded the snapshot from here
> http://grass.osgeo.org/grass64/source/snapshot/
> do I have to re-install the sw?..How do I fix just
> something (what you fixed I think) without re-install everything?

for C code that would not be possible. for TclTk code and Python code
it is possible, but slightly messy.

well maybe not that bad.
as root (or sudo) you can edit the files in /usr/lib/grass/etc/gm/ or
/usr/lib/grass/etc/wxpython directly if you like.

but I think we are getting off on a tangent. For this task I think you
just have to run "d.mon x0" from the grass unix terminal where everything
should work. The above fix is only for a bug unique to the old TclTk gui.
I haven't tested i.* from the wxGUI on linux.

> I've never done this before (updating from a snapshot)..so, could you
> send a link where I can find more info or precise direction
> in order to do it?


> (I check the INSTALL file inside the source but didn't help that much).

added in svn revision #36149.



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