[GRASS-user] How to make a conversion of ERSI Grid ASCII==>USGS DEM?

Illidan illidan.modeler at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 06:06:08 EST 2009

On Sun, Mar 1, 2009 at 4:05 PM, Hamish <hamish_b at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Illidan wrote:
>> I'm trying a conversion of from ERSI Grid ASCII(e00) to legacy USGS
>> DEM that one old piece of software I'm using supports. I searched the
>> web and only got results about the reverse conversion, i.e. USGS
>> DEM==> e00. So I ask for help here. I appreciate any feasible work
>> flow or hint on an existing conversion software.
> $ gdalinfo --formats | grep USGS
>  DOQ1 (ro): USGS DOQ (Old Style)
>  DOQ2 (ro): USGS DOQ (New Style)
>  ISIS3 (ro): USGS Astrogeology ISIS cube (Version 3)
>  ISIS2 (ro): USGS Astrogeology ISIS cube (Version 2)
>  USGSDEM (rw): USGS Optional ASCII DEM (and CDED)
> (see gdal.org)
> hopefully you want USGSDEM? if so import to GRASS with v.in.e00 and
> do what you have to do to get into raster format before running
> "r.out.gdal format=USGSDEM". what is the nature of the e00 file?
> contour lines? TIN? points? ascii-grid of some sort?
Thanks for you reply. I'll try what you suggest.

e00 is plain text file containing raster data, developed by ESRI. It
contains headers of about six lines, followed by raster data for each
cell. Its format is somewhat similar to USGS DEM.

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