[GRASS-user] ILWIS data

Olivier paparrazzi at yahoo.fr
Mon Mar 2 11:03:33 EST 2009

Hi everybody
I got a set of data with IKONOS imagery and already processed GIS data.
It seems that ILWIS 3.1 had been used to generate different maps. 
Although ILWIS is said to be compatible format for GDAL, I get 
"ERROR 1: Unsupported ILWIS domain type."
when trying to import .mpr file. So far I only got to import .mpl files.
Furthermore I'd like to know if it is possible to use
the .mpv, .rpr, .his, .dom, .csy or .mps files, which all contain
valuable data about projections or already adjusted maps.
Finally, I have different .tif files which seem to have all different
datum and/or proj. Is it possible to convert them while importing? or
before importing?
I am using Grass 6.3.0 on Ubuntu Hardy.

Thanx for any help

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