[GRASS-user] Help needed in creating a thematic map

Thomas Adams Thomas.Adams at noaa.gov
Sat Mar 7 22:03:14 EST 2009


I need to create a map in GRASS like the attached map. This needs to be 
done on a daily basis, and it needs to be created by those who have 
little GIS or GRASS knowledge or experience. The critical aspect is to 
manually draw/digitize the critical "likely" or "possible" areas. And I 
am struggling with v.digit doing this, but it's not the main problem. 
The key issue is attaching attribute data to the polygonal regions that 
define the period over which the "likely" or "possible" areas apply, as 
the graphic shows. ALSO, the boundary data and the attributes (the valid 
Date period) need to be exported to an ascii text file which is then 
ftp'ed to a central location — the end users use their own software to 
combine other such files to create a graphic (actually the one I am 
showing). Now, combining the exported data into the format needed by the 
end user is not an issue, it's really a matter of how to most 
efficiently (easily) get the Starting and Ending dates into the 
attributes of the polygons. Also, should I try to use a separate vector 
map for each polygon of the same type ("likely" or "possible") or should 
they be in different layers?

I'll have to write detailed instructions covering how to do this, but I 
need to know how to do this first!

I'm very open to suggestions…


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