[GRASS-user] (not) getting started

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 16 06:36:34 EDT 2009

Wim de Vries wrote:
> > (v.5 on suse 10.3 as well as v.6.2 on debian lenny).
> > I came to the point of defining a new location, but then the list for
> > projections does not show Lambert conformal or mercator.

it's there. lcc, merc, etc.

> > Next, I cannot get out of the list. Had to hit CTRL-C to completely
> > drop out of the app.


this is something which to me is rather annoying in the debian package.
they/we change the default pager ("press any key for next page") to be
the 'less' program instead of grass's default which is 'more'. the result
is that you have to be used to it and know to press 'q' to get out of the
list. with 'more' all you have to do is bash the spacebar and enter enough
times and you get out automatically.

sorry for the inconvenience. you can change it back to 'more' or whatever
by setting the GRASS_PAGER variable, see the grass variables help page.

for lenny you should get the latest grass, gdal, and proj packages from
debian's www.backports.org. then you can have a pretty recent version to
play with without much more than an apt-get call.



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