[GRASS-user] problem about import of shp file

Markus Metz markus.metz.giswork at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 18 04:53:21 EDT 2009

Natsuko YOSHIFUJI wrote:
> Dear everyone,
> Hello.
> I made my first challenge to import Arc-GIS shp file to GRASS.
> But I have some trouble.
> This may be an elementary question...,but could anyone help me, please?
> What I want to do (final destination) is to
> 1) Import vector map (Arc-GIS shp file) into location1(UTM)
> 2) Reproject vector data into location2 (lat-lon).
> 3) Overlay on raster map in location2. I need area information in vector
> map (Arc-GIS shp file) .
> But I have a trouble in step 1, and area (polygon) cannot be shown...
> Outline of what I did is shown below.
> Details of commands and error message are shown in attached file.
> 1) Create UTM new location
> 47N, but the area was extended to eastward because the area includes a
> part of 48N
> This seems to succeed.
> 2) v.in.ogr dsn=lu2543s.shp output=lu2543s
> failed.
Projections don't match. The shapefile is in tmerc (Transverse 
Mercator), not utm (Universal Transverse Mercator). You should create a 
new location with the projection of the shapefile:
       Dataset PROJ_INFO is:
       name: Transverse Mercator
       proj: tmerc
       datum: wgs84
       a: 6378137.0
       es: 0.006694379990141317
       lat_0: 0
       lon_0: 99
       k: 0.999600
       x_0: 500000
       y_0: 0
       no_defs: defined
> 3) v.in.ogr dsn=lu2543s.shp output=lu2543s -o
> Succeeded, but had an error message.
> Seems to failed to Import of area and isles...???
Looks like you ran out of memory? This message <assertion "n" failed: 
file "node.c", line 48> means that an attempt to allocate more memory 
Consequently, cleaning failed, topology was not built and the imported 
vector is not usable. The solution would be to install more RAM or 
increase swap space.
It is strongly recommended to use grass-6.4 instead of grass-6.2.3 if 

Markus M

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