[GRASS-user] problem about import of shp file

Markus Metz markus.metz.giswork at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 18 08:29:23 EDT 2009

Natsuko YOSHIFUJI wrote:
> I created new tmerc location.
> <v.in.ogr dsn=lu2543s.shp output=lu2543s > worked, but I had same 
> error message <ssertion "n" failed: file "node.c", line 48>.
> You told me that this is because of shortage of RAM.
I guess. I hope it's not a bug in grass, but to my knowledge this error 
has not been reported before and I tested v.in.ogr recently (in 6.4, 
6.5, and 7) and also did not get such an error.
> So, I tried to use another PC (Grass6.2.2), created tmerc location, 
> and tried to import the same shp file.
> Then, I received an error message saying that projections don't match!
> In this time, data set projection was reported as follows;
> Dataset PROJ_INFO is:
>    name: Universe Transverse Mercator
>    proj: utm
>    datum: wgs84
>    a: 6378137.0
>    es: 0.006694379990141316
>    zone: 47
>    no_defs: defined
> The data supplier told me that the projection of this shp file is UTM.
> So, the message of new PC seems to be correct, and previous message 
> may be wrong.
> Anyway, it is very confusing...
This is confusing indeed. There should be a file called lu2543s.prj . 
This is a plain text file with the projection information for 
lu2543s.shp, you can open it with any text editor, see what's in there 
and create a location according to this information. If v.in.ogr still 
complains that projections don't match, you can use v.in.ogr -o, but 
something may be wrong with gdal and/or proj4.
> Can such confusing situation be resolved if I install grass-6.4?
grass-6.4 has lots of bug fixes and improvements over previous versions, 
I would always recommend to use grass-6.4 instead of earlier versions. 
And also update gdal and proj4.
> Where can I get grass-6.5 and grass7?
grass-6.5 and grass-7 are only available as source code via svn. If you 
are not familiar with compiling from source, this can be a bit tricky 
not to say it could cost you a day or more. Information on how to 
download source is here: http://trac.osgeo.org/grass/wiki/DownloadSource
There is a wiki page on how to compile and install: 
It is easier to install grass-6.4 binaries.
> Does grass-6.4 use smaller memory than grass 6.2.2?
Not for breaking polygons.

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