[GRASS-user] v.color with layer 2

Paolo Craveri pcraveri at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 03:58:56 EDT 2009

Hi to all

I have some problems with v.colors (grass6.5.svn) when I try to use it
with a vector on layer 2; I get this error:

DBMI-SQLite driver error:

Error in sqlite3_prepare():

near "mypoints2_2": syntax error

ERROR: Error while executing: 'UPDATE mypoints2

       mypoints2_2 SET GRASSRGB = '0:0:255' WHERE cat = 1'

ERROR: Processing SQL transaction

Here a little script that reproduces this error:

# # spearfish60 dataset
db.connect database='$GISDBASE/$LOCATION_NAME/$MAPSET/mydbsqlite' driver=sqlite
g.copy vect=archsites,mypoints --overwrite
v.category in=mypoints layer=2 out=mypoints2 opt=add --overwrite
v.db.addtable mypoints2 layer=2
v.colors map=mypoints2 layer=2 color=bcyr column=cat

Where I'm wrong?
Paolo C.
Lat. 44° 39' 11.08'' N  Long. 7° 23' 25.26'' E

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