[GRASS-user] Finding GRASS error.log?

brendon wolff-piggott mytekmail at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 03:21:20 EDT 2009

Hi All

I am fairly new to linux and to GRASS.   I was processing a contour data set
with v.surf.rst overnight and found it had exited without generating an
elevation data set (although slope and aspect are there).  No errors were
visible because I was doing image segmentation at the same time and that had
filled the Output window with hundreds of lines.

Trying to run v.surf.rst again it bombed out immediately (exiting GRASS GUI
but not shell).  I know there is an error.log file somewhere which should
tell me what is happening, but file search does not pick it up.

I am running GRASS 6.2.2 on Ubuntu 8.0.4, installed from the standard
repositories.  Where should I start looking?  (File manager search find
grass binaries but does not show their location)

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